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International Yoga Day
Event Start Date : 21/06/2017 Event End Date 31/05/2018


In an endeavour to participate actively in the International Yoga Day DAV International School, Amritsar organized Yoga Sessions for the students on 21st June 2017.  Notwithstanding the fact that the school is observing summer vacation, a total of 750 students and some faculty members took part in the session. The students were educated on the importance of Yoga. They were explained that yoga helps in maintaining not only physical and mental health but also a healthy social life. In a mass yoga demonstration on the school premises from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., the school Yoga instructor, Mr. Ajay, made the students perform some important asanas and simultaneously told them about the benefits of each. The students were taught about various Aasanas starting with warming up and stretching followed by the series of Tadasana, Paschimottasans – Vajrasana – Kapalbhaati-  Lom- Vilom – Shavasana –Bhujangasana and Pranayama  


Principal Anjana Gupta shared the importance and need of practicing Yoga to stay fit and healthy. In her address she said that Yoga is a systematic and methodical process to control and develop the mind and body to attain good health, balance of mind and self-realization. It is necessary for every individual to stay fit and healthy in this fast paced world which is full of stress and anxiety. The celebration of International Yoga Day is a reminder for all individuals to incorporate Yoga every day to enjoy a happy and blissful life and reduce the effect of stress and other physical ailments.

On this occasion, Chairman of the school, Dr. V P Lakhanpal, Regional Director, Dr. Neelam Kamra, Manager, Dr. Rajesh Kumar and Principal Anjana Gupta extended heartfelt thanks to the CBSE and DAV CMC, New Delhi for making Yoga an integral part of the school curriculum.