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Event Start Date : 19/11/2015 Event End Date 31/10/2016



Considering the immense significance of Moral Values in the present scenario, a two-day “Vichar Manthan Sangoshthi” on Moral Values is being organized for the teachers of DAV International School on 19th November, 2015 on the school premises under the aegis of Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Upsabha & Arya Yuva Samaj, Punjab and under the able guidance of President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi – Arya Ratan Dr. Punam Suri who has taken this initiative to impart valuable knowledge about our basic moral values to  approximately 60000 teachers of about 800 DAV Institutions all over India, who, in turn, shall impart the same to their students.

Day 1 of this mega event was inaugurated on 19th November by conducting the Holy Yajna which created a spiritual ambience all around. Arya Ratan Dr. Punam Suri and his better half Mrs. Mani Suri presided over the Holy Yajna as special Guests and performed the Holy rituals with utmost devotion. The Chanting of Vedic Bhajans also reverberated in the whole campus of DAV International School.  Dr. Punam Suri showered his blessings on the present gathering in the form of colourful flower petals. The other distinguished personalities, who were present on this pious occasion included – Sh. J.P. Shoor, Sh. S.K. Sharma, Honourable Chiatanyamuni, Yati Satyapriya, Dr. V.P. Lakhanpal, Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Kamra and Dr. Rajesh Kumar. 250 members of teaching and non teaching staff of the school also participated in this sacred ceremony which was conducted by Brahamchari Amit Arya from Dayanand Braham Maha Vidyala, Hissar.

Principal Anjana Gupta accorded a special floral welcome to all the eminent guests by presenting them with colourful bouquets. It was followed by the sacred Lamp Lighting Ceremony to invoke divine benedictions. On this occasion, a melodious presentation of the DAV Gaan was also there.


Sh. J.P. Shoor Ji, in his address to the august audience extended a cordial welcome to esteemed President, (DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi), Arya Ratan Dr. Punam Suri Ji and Mrs. Mani Suri Ji and the other honourable guests.  He glorified Dr. Punam Suri Ji for his endeavour of promoting Moral Education. He remarked that it will help all of us to realize the dream of Swami Dayanand Saraswati to have a society free of all the social evils. He also assured him of his full support in executing and fulfilling this dream.

Arya Ratan Dr. Punam Suri ji gave an inspirational address to the teachers of the school exalting the age old customs, traditions and moral values of our society.            He remarked that besides ‘Teaching’ Classrooms and ‘Learning’ Classrooms, there is a need to initiate ‘Thinking’ Classrooms in the present time. He highlighted some important values enshrined in our holy Vedas which stress on ‘Satya Aahaar’, ‘Satya Vichar’, ‘Satya Vyavahaar’ and ‘Satya Aadhaar’ and also stressed on the dire need of inculcating the same in our students also. He narrated various anecdotes to concretize his points.

Worthy Acharya Chaitanya Muni Ji also addressed the staff of DAV International School on this occasion in which he threw light on the miserable condition of the present day society which is replete with evils like corruption, caste discrimination, dowry system etc.  He also highlighted on the fact that teachers, being nation builders, have this prime responsibility of imparting moral values in the students.

Dr. Vinay Kumar Vidyalankaar also stressed on the indispensability of moral education in the school curriculum. The teachers of the school were also given the opportunity to have a discussion on moral values with the learned resource persons. On this occasion bhajans were also presented by the teachers of the school.

On this occasion Dr. Laxmi Kanta Chawla, Dr. Rajan Gupta, Sh. Arvind Ghai,     Sh. J.K. Luthra, Advocate Sudarshan Kapoor, Dr. K. K. Rattu,
Sh. Hira Lal Kandhari, Sh.Jugal Kishore, Sh. Satya Pal Arya, Sh. Deepak Kumar,   Principal B.B. Sharma, Principal Ajay Sareen, Principal Pushpinder Walia, Principal Mohal Lal, Sh. Rakesh Mehra, Sh. Atul Mehra, Sh. Deepak Mahajan and Principals of various DAV Institutions of the city were also present.