Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi 110055.


The School Norms

  • For classes LKG to VIII, the text-books published by DAV Centre For Academic Excellence, New Delhi, are recommended. Examinations of class VIII are also conducted according to the guidelines of the Centre. For classes IX to XII, the CBSE curriculum is followed strictly.
  • It is obligatory on the part of parents to go through the rules and regulations of the school as detailed in the school diary and also keep track of the everyday class work and home work of their wards, updated on the Snap Homework App.
  • Besides giving due regard to the National and Regional languages, equal emphasis is laid on English Language Learning Skills viz speaking, listening, reading and writing in the school to enable the students succeed in the modern global world.
  • The school does not own any transport. The parents are responsible for making arrangement of transport for their wards. A private vehicle can be hired by contacting the private vehicle operators, keeping in mind the “Safe School Vahan Scheme” of the government specially implemented for the safety of school children. The school authorities are very strict with regard to the implementation of the above said scheme and have even banned defaulting transporters. The parents must submit a written
  • undertaking in the school office stating that they have assured the safety of the vehicles hired by them under the Safe School Vahan Policy. It is obligatory on the part of parents to extend their co-operation in persuading the private transporters to follow this policy. They should report to the school authorities immediately, if they come across any vehicle transporting the school students violating the government instructions on safety measures.
  • Discipline is one of the basic requirements of a civilized life. The school is very particular with regard to students’ uniform, behavior, attendance, class tests, homework and class work assignments, participation in games etc and it is mandatory for each and every DAVIAN to follow the norms. Strict action may be taken against defaulters if any.
  • With regard to the timely payment of fees, it has been observed in the past years that many parents fail to clear their dues as a result of which their wards remain in the category of Fee Defaulters till the end of the session. It is expected from all the parents to be very particular in depositing the Fee Instalments regularly and on time.
  • The school appoints highly qualified and experienced faculty who provide their best possible services. There is also a provision of extra classes for the slow learners which completely negates the need of extra tuitions for the students. The parents are advised not to burden themselves as well as their child by sending him/her for tuitions after school hours and rather let him/her have sufficient time at hand for self-study and unstructured playing.
  • As per the school and government safety norms, the school strictly prohibits the use of vehicles for children below 18 years of age.
  • Till class X, students are not allowed to come on their own vehicles. Only the students of classes XI and XII can come on their own vehicles (without gear) if required. In such cases, helmet and learner's driving license are mandatory.
  • After carefully analyzing the pros and cons of bringing mobile phones to school, the use of mobile phones or, for that matter, any other electronic device on the school premises is strictly prohibited.
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