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Admission Policy  

School is the foremost fountain of knowledge children are exposed to. In school, a child comes across variety of avenues to channelize his/her energy. Such an environment is provided to the blooming buds within the precincts of DAV International School, Amritsar. The school aims at leading its students from the murk of ignorance to the light of knowledge thereby forging the adept resources of the nation.

In an increasingly fragmented society ,the ability to connect with peers, co-workers and neighbours with diverse backgrounds and abilities is  invaluable. Diversity improves Critical Thinking Skills, builds empathy and encourages students to think differently.  Considering the same, we hereat  DAV International School advance an inclusive environment where children from diverse backgrounds and culture and with different needs get equal opportunities to grow and groom.

Change is inevitable and essential to make a  headway. With the changing needs and technological advancements, the School Education System keeps providing a broad spectrum of experience to both teachers and students to upskill everyone in the  realm of education. Providing quality education to  meet the needs of time and all the stakeholders is always a priority at DAV  International School.  Every possible effort  is made to stay in tune with the changing demands so that the school is able to satiate the exigencies of its  every stakeholder.

We, hereby, feel pleased to inform you that the admission process for the new entrants in DAV International School, Amritsar for classes Nursery to IX & XI is starting from November 1, 2023 for which the registration form and Prospectus will be available at School Reception on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Parents are requested to ensure eligibility of their ward before applying  .

The age limit for admission in Nursery is 3 years as on March 31, 2024.

Application of the candidates not fulfilling eligibility criteria will automatically stand rejected.

Documents required:-

1.        Copy of Date of Birth Certificate

2.        Two passport size photographs of the child and one passport size photograph of  boththe parents

3.        Copy of Certificate of SC/ST (if applicable)

4.        Copy of Certificate of Children With Special Needs (if applicable)

5.        Copy of Aadhar Card of the child and of both the  parents

6.        Copy of  Report/Result Card of the previous class

7.        School Leaving Certificate in original

The following is advised to the parents while filling  Registration Form(either manually or online)at the time of admission :

  • Date of Birthentered is as per the Birth Certificate.
  • Spelling of name of Student/Mother/Father/Guardian should be as recorded in the Birth Certificate.
  • Expanded name of Student and Mother/ Father/ Guardian should be given by the student/parents. No abbreviations be given.
  • Mother's name should be as known after marriage.
  • No nick/ pet name be mentioned.
  • Date of Birth Certificate should have been issued within stipulated period as mentioned in the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969.
  • The details of the real brother and sister are only entered in the ‘Sibling Details’  column.
  • The currently working mobile number and e-mail address is entered to ensure smooth communication
  • It is compulsory to get the child registered before proceeding with the admission process.
  • Registration Fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee the admission of the child.
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