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Joys and sorrows, day and night, victory & defeat – all are two sides of the same coin. To expect life to be a fun ride is being very unreasonable on our part. Life is not merely a bed of roses as 'Every rose has its thorns'. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has sharply pricked the humanity at large like a thorn. It has posed a serious threat to the human existence. Each one of us is trying to cope up with this challenging situation in one way or the other.
Sudden and forced closure of schools for an uncertain period of time has posed a great challenge for the education system. None of us would have ever even dreamt of such a drastic consequence. With vacant benches, empty classrooms, noiseless corridors, deserted playgrounds, abandoned labs and library, forlorn canteen area – the school buildings with state-of-the-art infrastructure have been reduced to mere useless structures of bricks and cement.  These temples of learning, in the absence of their devotees, appear to be not less than haunted places.
During this forced lockdown, we are making every possible endeavour to keep the children fruitfully occupied through a perfect amalgm of online classes, activities, competitions etc. For all this, we owe a great deal to the galaxy of intellectuals in DAV CMC, New Delhi who have left no stone unturned in guiding us in the right direction even in this time of crisis.
With their unfeigned blessings combined with divine benedictions we will keep the lamp of knowledge ignited even during this dark phase of human life.
Earnestly anticipating a productive year ahead and hoping for the well-being of one and all.
Dr. Anjana Gupta 


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