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Event Start Date : 25/08/2019 Event End Date 31/08/2020


On August 25, 2019 a Blood Donation Camp and Bhajan Sandhya were organized on the premises of DAV International School under the able guidance of Arya Rattan Dr. Punam Suri, Pradhan, Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha, New Delhi and under the aegis of Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Upsabha, Punjab.

Principal Dr. J.P. Shoor, Pradhan, Arya Pradheshik Pratinidhi Upsabha, Punjab was the Chief Guest. Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Kamra, Mantri, Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Upsabha, Punjab; Dr. V.P. Lakhanpal, Advocate Sudarshan Kapoor, Principal Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Sh. Inderpal Arya, Smt. Nirmal Gupta were also present as special guests on the occasion. The programme began with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony. Principal Dr. Anjana Gupta accorded a floral welcome to the dignitaries and in her address expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the present Arya Samaj Members. Highlighting the significance of Blood Donation in saving the precious lives of people around, she remarked that a donor’s body can recover very fast after a blood donation, so, a healthy person should never be reluctant for this noble cause. Regarding Bhajan Sandhya, she said that worshipping  the Almighty provides mental peace and satisfaction which further motivates us to work for the betterment of humanity at large.

Chief Guest Principal Dr. J.P. Shoor, while talking to the present gathering of teachers, students & their parents, said that every day many patients lying in different hospitals, lose their lives because of the shortage of blood. He remarked that donating blood is also a form of patriotism due to which DAVCMC New Delhi and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha, New Delhi have pledged that today’s Blood Donation Camp is the beginning of the other such camps which will be organized throughout this year on the occasion of hundred years of Jallianwala Bagh massacre. He also added that Blood Donation is a noble task as it not only saves the lives of affected people but also of their anxious families. Commenting on the significance of Vedic Bhajan Sandhya, he said that study of Vedas of links the modern generation to their roots and thereby makes them morally upright citizens of the society. He also acknowledged the immense efforts of Principal Dr. Anjana Gupta for the wonderful arrangements of the whole event and also praised her for her active participation in the tasks of social service.


Dr. Neelam Kamra also said that those who can afford, should never shirk from doing the pious task of blood donation so that the needy ones can be helped in distress. Regarding Bhajan Sandhya she was of the opinion that chanting Vedic Bhajans or listening to them purifies our inner spirit and provides immense peace of mind due to which such a sacred programme is organized by Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Upsabha Punjab every year in different schools and colleges.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar, in his address, highlighted that the blood donor is also benefitted because when fresh blood is formed in the body, it makes the body more energetic, hence everyone should be motivated to get involved in this noble act. He also said that in the modern crime ridden world, Vedic Bhajans can play a vital role in inculcating moral values in the children. In the end, he thanked the present gathering of teachers, students and their parents for their active participation in this programme.

On this grand occasion, Sh.Inderpal Arya, Smt. Nirmal Gupta and 7 teams of different DAV schools left the audience spellbound with their mellifluous Bhajan Presentations. For the blood donation camp teachers of the school, students and their parents came forward in large members to donate around 130 units of blood. Dr. K.S. Manchanda, Sh. Rakesh Mehra, Sh. Dinesh, Principal Dr. Neera Sharma, Principal Ajay Beri, Principal Paramjeet Kumar, Principal Vipin, Smt. Indu Arora, Smt. Sunita, Smt. Nishi Sharma, Dr. Sukhbir Kahlon, Dr. Monaliza Kahlon, Sh. Dalbir Singh and Mr. Shiva from the Blood Bank Department of Govt. Hospital Amritsar, teachers, Students & their parents and the media persons were also a part of this gala event. The present dignitaries and the stakeholders were presented with memontoes for their contribution. The programme concluded with the recitation of shanti path.

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